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Sharetones for iPhone 2.0

Make ringtones from any song you own, or edit ringtones made by other users
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DJ Nitrogen Inc.

When you send a tone to your iPhone, Sharetones saves your "Ringtone Recipe" and shares it with other Sharetones users who own the same song. Likewise, Sharetones shares ringtones made by others with you, but only for songs you already own. Get it? You only see and share ringtones for songs you love. It's easy to recognize ringtones made by others - they'll be labeled in blue. Ringtones you make and share will be green.
Sharetones works with any iPhone in any country, with any carrier and any version of iTunes. It's FREE to download and activate. Once activated, you can make and share unlimited iPhone ringtones which you can keep forever.
Sharetones gives you free unlimited iPhone ringtones, plus a full audio editor with effects for total control over your sound. Download and try Sharetones now. Make free ringtones from any song you own, or edit ringtones made by other users. When you've found the perfect tone, just hit "Send Ringtone to Phone" - it's that easy!
Windows Requirements
DJ Nitrogen's Sharetones works on PCs running Windows Vista or Windows XP. Sharetones runs best with 64 MB or more RAM and a 300 MHz or faster microprocessor. Music files must be DRM-free MP3 or AAC format.
Mac Users
Try the Sharetones Add-on for the Songbird Media Player.

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